Yeshiva Students

Yeshiva Students​

Torah oriented activities, given at different time of the year on the topics of garding the covenant (Brit) and the eyes, and other challenges of the media in our generation.

An in-depth series of lectures during SEFIRAT HAOMER

The days of the counting of the OMER start when we go out of slavery in Egypt. These are special days for building our soul, as they enable us to cleanse and sanctify ourselves methodologically, stage after stage up until the special occasion of receiving the Torah during Hag Hashevuot-the holiday of receiving the Torah.

In order to utilize this special time for our objectives, and within similar successful initiatives in a number of Yeshivot, the idea was born to start a project of in-depth series about the Counting of the Omer of “Azim Bekidushah” nationwide.

What does this mean?
Each Yeshiva will choose which issues are closest to their heart within diverse subjects and values which we are struggling with in our generation, that are rising and becoming stronger following the development of the media and the world of virtual reality( a suggested list of recommended subjects will be presented in due course), Yeshiva Rabbis( the Head of the Yeshiva or one of the appropriate main teachers) will offer a series of lectures that will enable to build , with the help of G-D, a wide range of awareness and observations that will provide answers and tools for both personal growth and development within the special challenges of our generation-the generation of redemption.

Azim Beshovavim- Initiative of nationwide conferences

The Initiative of nationwide conferences which are presently taking place in the High Yeshivot, Hesder and preparatory Yeshivot-Mechinot,were initiated from the understanding that the Jewish people have a rich heritage of content, culture and tradition that can be utilized to awaken the hearts.

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